Though they separated in 1992 and divorced in 1996, Sarah says Prince Andrew is still a close friend. Sarah even lives in Andrew's house. "Which is really lucky because otherwise I really would be on the street," she says.

While Sarah and Andrew share a home, she says they both travel so much that they are rarely there at the same time with Beatrice and Eugenie. "We're ships in the night, as we've always been," she says. "But when we are there, it is fantastic, and we have a very strong unit, the four of us."

During the fallout from the bribery sting, Sarah says Andrew was always supportive of her. "Andrew and I are very much like [what] Kahlil Gibran wrote about the oak and the cypress in the forest when you grow to the light. We grow together, and we support each other no matter what, through everything, together," she says. "I think there's no finer man than him. I've never met a finer man."

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