The root of the OWN series Finding Sarah began just as Oprah's June 2010 interview with Sarah ended. "I remember leaving the room, and I turned and I said, 'I hear that you're thinking about doing Dancing with the Stars,'" Oprah says. "And I go, 'Big mistake. Do not make that mistake for yourself. That is not what you need to do.'"

Later, Sarah had another opportunity for a different reality TV show about cooking, but Oprah had a different idea.

In the months they had spent trading emails, Sarah told Oprah how she had lost her personal staff and had to do various domestic things for herself for the very first time. "I said, 'Sarah, I've had this idea. This whole you-moving-into-the-real-world-and-trying-to-figure-out-who-you-are-without-the-royalty thing going on, I think that's more interesting,'" Oprah says. "Your own life is more interesting than dancing or cooking."


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