Below is more information about the resources related to the prevention of global warming. To learn more about Oprah's Predator Watch and how you can protect your children, use these resources.

Leonardo DiCaprio
To learn more about Global Warning, a short film Leonardo co-created, visit his website.

American Forests
Help plant trees to clean the air we breathe.

The Chuda's Green Home
Visit the Children's Health Environmental Coalition (CHEC) website to learn more about the environmental- and human- friendly home that Leonardo DiCaprio toured. CHEC is dedicated to prevention of non-genetic childhood cancer and other environmentally caused childhood illnesses.

Consumer Reports
Earth to America
Leonardo DiCaprio and Laurie David teamed up with Larry David and a star-studded cast for a comedy special on TBS. For more information, visit

Strange Days on Planet Earth
A National Geographic special hosted by Edward Norton on PBS

Virtual March
Join the virtual march on Washington to stop global warming.

More You Can Do
  • The three most fuel-efficient cars on the market
  • See if the car you drive is energy efficient. Visit
  • How energy efficient is your home? Visit
Dr. Michael Oppenheimer shares the top three ways we all can help slow down global warming and save our planet.
  1. Drive an energy-efficient car. Hybrids, cars that run on both gasoline and electricity, are the most fuel-efficient cars according to Consumer Reports.
  2. Buy energy-efficient appliances. Look for the blue Energy Star label or visit
  3. Use energy-saving light bulbs. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), if every American household replaced 5 of their current light bulbs with 5 compact fluorescent light bulbs, it would save as much energy as if we took 8 million cars off the roads.
More Ways to Go Green
Curb Your Enthusiam star Larry David and his wife, Laurie, share simple ways they help save the environment around their home everyday.


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