When he first saw the horrific footage of the slaughter, Ric says he saw a light at the end of the tunnel. "I knew it was going to be exposed," he says. "The light at the end of the tunnel was not an oncoming train. It was the sunshine. Finally, we're going to get this out to the world."

The documentary played in theaters across America, but Fisher, Louie and Ric also want it shown to millions of Japanese citizens who have not seen it. "It's not about us Westerners telling the Japanese, 'You've got to do this,'" Fisher says. "It's us Westerners showing the Japanese what's going on in their country and hopefully motivating them."

In July 2010, Fisher says a distribution company is planning to release the film in 20 Japanese theaters. To reach even more people, the filmmakers are also producing a 15-minute version in Japanese, which will be streamed for free on the Internet.

After watching The Cove, Ric says people will be shocked by the slaughter and inspired by the magnificence of these mammals. "It's not about intelligence. It's about consciousness. They are self-aware like humans are self-aware," Ric says. "I don't believe that the fishermen are aware of that."
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