Not everyone has handled Kim's transition well. In her film, Kim talks about the deteriorating relationship she has with her older brother, Marc.

Since they were children, Kim says she and Marc have had an intense sibling rivalry. "Marc was adopted, so Marc kind of, you know, understandably felt a bit like he was the outsider. He was held back in school, so we were always in the same grade," Kim says. "I think it really kind of increased some of the competition that he felt for me."

Marc spent most of his childhood living in the shadow of his highly accomplished brother. Then, at age 21, he crashed his car and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Even with serious medication, Marc began to have mood swings and short-term memory loss.

"He started clinging to the past more than ever," Kim says. "It felt like Marc would have given anything to be the man I'd have given anything not to be. We were both haunted by the same ghost."

One Christmas Eve, Marc expressed frustration with Kim's decision to change genders. When things got heated, someone called 911. Marc was taken to jail.


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