Once the transition was complete, Kim had the difficult task of telling friends and family she was no longer Paul. To confuse matters further, Kim's surgery didn't change who she was most attracted to—women.

When it came time for her 20th high school reunion, Kim and her longtime girlfriend, Claire, traveled back to Kim's hometown to see former classmates face-to-face. The last time most of these people saw her, she was Paul, the popular athlete. "Twenty years ago, they'd voted me most likely to succeed," she says. "Now, I was just hoping they wouldn't laugh at me."

Kim says her greatest fear was not being accepted. "[I was afraid] that who I used to be would just be erased, and that I would become nothing," she says. "That they wouldn't see that I was really the same person."

When Tim, Kim's former teammate and best friend since childhood, first heard about Kim's transition, he says it was a little bit weird. But, after having a few beers with Kim and Claire, Tim says he realized not much had changed. "I'm so happy and proud of her," he says.


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