Kim started to question her gender identity at a young age. When she was in kindergarten or first grade, a time when parents and teachers begin to distinguish boys from girls, Kim says she realized something was off. "There was just this friction," she says. "I wasn't even quite sure what it was then."

Over time, Kim says she began to wish she was a girl, but she hid her desire from everyone in her life. Sometimes, in secret, Kim explored her feminine side by dressing in girls' clothes. "In fifth [or] sixth grade, I used to have a paper route. I would get up really early in the morning when nobody else was awake and hope no one would see me," she says. "I'd dress like a girl and go do my paper route."

In the '70s, transgender wasn't a term you heard often, so Kim says she didn't know what felt right until later in life. "I was just kind of magnetically drawn toward it," she says. "I was even trying to avoid it. I didn't want to be weird. I didn't want to be different. I wanted to fit in."


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