A portrait of Oprah by Artis Lane

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At Oprah's Legends Ball, nearly everyone who had been invited was there...except Jamie. "Somebody really mucked around with my schedule," Jamie says. "I was supposed to attend, and I couldn't make it."

Jamie knew he was in trouble. "You made a statement on the red carpet for all of those who didn't show up, and I know you were talking about me," Jamie tells Oprah.

To make up for his absence, Jamie commissioned this portrait of Oprah by the renowned sculptor and painter Artis Lane.

"It's so vain to love a picture of yourself, but I love it," Oprah says. "How marvelous is that? First of all, that you would think to do it and that you would go to one of the premier artists in the United States of America. I love you, Jamie Foxx."