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After winning his Oscar®, Jamie has certainly been feeling the attention of female fans. In fact, some women have taken to throwing their panties at him. How does he handle that?

"You just handle it," he jokes. When asked if all the extra attention gets old after awhile he answers without hesitation. "No, it doesn't."

To all the women Jamie actually goes on dates with, be prepared for something "fun and adventurous." Now that he has more money, Jamie says he might take a date to Vegas for a weekend—"You get your own room, I have my own room, it's no pressure"—or to Africa.

Do not, however, expect Jamie to be "romantic-corny. You know, coming in with the flowers and saying all the right things and all that." Instead, he prefers to play it cool.

"Do you think you'll ever settle down and get married?" Oprah asks Jamie.

"Do you?" Jamie responds. "Why don't we just run unsettled? Just me and you, unsettled."