Jamie Foxx and Oprah

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Jamie says he's been a longtime fan and couldn't be more pleased with the rumors, no matter how unfounded they are!

Jamie: When I was on In Living Color, I would always tell Keenan [Ivory-Wayans], "Oprah—that's my flavor!" ... You're on the top of the world, and we really do watch and listen for everything that you say to kind of get our lives together. At the same time, you have this earnest, humble thing about you. ... You're attractive, you're pretty, and at the same time, you're successful and I dig how you look, so—

Oprah: Let's set the record straight—tell the people the truth.

Jamie: The truth is, I'm just waiting for you and Stedman to clear everything up....

Oprah: No, the truth is—

Jamie: Well, we have got "a thing..."

Oprah: Yeah...I do think it's a thing! Part of it is this—we both come from the same humble [upbringing]. You were raised by your grandmother; I was raised by my grandmother. And the whole transition into dealing with [fame.] ... Everybody thinks it's all about the chandelier, but it really does go deeper than that.