Fantasia vowed to take back her life. She has allowed television cameras to document her path back to the top on VH1's Fantasia for Real. The show captures everything from Fantasia's lavish spending on her daughter to how family members react when Fantasia decides to stop bankrolling their every need and want.

Fantasia says the show has been a major reality check. "When I won [American Idol], I just wanted to see all of my family happy. And I created that monster," she says. "When I began to give, give, give, everybody was like: 'Hey, this is the good life. I can sit back home.'"

The show has also forced Fantasia's family to take a hard look at themselves. "A lot of times the cameras go with me on the road," she says. "So as they sit and watch, some of them have come up and said: 'Man, I'm sorry. I didn't even know. You work real hard.'"


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