Before there was Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz or Nate Berkus...there was Suze Orman. The first of these four experts to make an Oprah Show debut, Suze has been dishing out priceless advice to Oprah Show viewers since 1998. Through it all, Suze says the most important advice is to take an oath of financial honesty. "If you have credit card debt, you're living a financial lie," she says. "Because honesty would mean you don't buy it if you don't have the money for it. If you can be honest with who you are, then you can be honest with what you have."

Though the economy might have changed a lot, Suze says her tips have always remained the same. "The advice of 12 years ago is still the advice of today," she says. "Use cash. Don't run up credit card debt. And be who you are. Define the things around you; don't let the things around you define you."

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