Rob has been sober now for 20 years. However, he says not everyone in his life is taking the same path he did, including childhood friend Charlie Sheen.

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Since February 2011, Charlie has taken the media by storm with a series of erratic interviews, during which he has proclaimed to be “winning” to have “tiger blood” and to be on a drug called "Charlie Sheen.”

"You have to understand," Rob says. "Charlie, I've known him since I was 13. He is my homeboy. I love him."

But when it comes to sobriety, Rob says he and Charlie have different feelings on rehab. "He doesn't want anything to do with it," Rob says. "I look at him as a scout. He is out there seeing if guys like he and I can make it without [rehab], and we'll see how that goes."

Rob says the Charlie we see in interviews is just "Charlie being Charlie." "He's always been an iconoclast and a true character full of charisma and wild, and he's letting it all loose," Rob says. "He's like, 'You know what? I'm really going to go full throttle with what I've been keeping inside my whole life.' That's really where it's at."


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