By 1985, Rob was a full-blown star, landing roles in Class and St. Elmo's Fire. That year, New York Magazine writer David Blum coined a phrase that would stick with Rob and his co-stars for the rest of their careers: the Brat Pack.

Rob writes about the article—and the nickname he loathed—in Stories I Only Tell My Friends.

"For weeks, Emilio has been trailed by a reporter from New York Magazine who was doing a cover story on him. A spur of the moment dinner party is put together at our favorite hangout, the Hard Rock Cafe. A few weeks later, the writer drops his story about Emilio. Instead, the headline? Hollywood's Brat Pack. According to the reporter, what he observed during our dinner wasn't the exuberant comradery of peers but the obnoxious exploits of the a pack of interchangeable pampered spoiled attention-seeking actors who were long on ambition and fame but short on talent or humanity."

At the time, Rob says he didn't know the ways of the press. "Literally, I thought I was doing my buddy a solid showing this guy a good time—it's not all just serious career, career, career," he says. "We got our wish—it wasn't about careers. It was all about partying."

Although he didn't like the name at first, Rob says he now embraces "the Brat Pack." "I'm proud to be a part of something that, 25 years later, you guys all remember," he says. "I think that's a good thing."


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