KF: What bands have you introduced your daughters to? What are you listening to right now?

BM: I introduce them to all kinds of music. I've started them out with some good classic rock. I take them back to their Zeppelin, their Hendrix, their Skynard, their Aerosmith, and of course, you have to get some KISS in there, and then their ACDC. Those are the standards. But my daughters also love Hannah Montana. They turn around, and they listen to country music. They listen to anything from old-school country like Hank Williams Sr. We'll listen to "Family Tradition." Then, I turn around, and they'll be listening to Justin Bieber. ... Anything from Ludacris to Justin Bieber.

On my new album, I remade Sublime. I love Sublime. I love Foo Fighters. I'm one of these guys who likes to put together my greatest hits iPod. It's everything from Hank to Skynard to Sublime to Foo Fighters to Justin Bieber to Hannah Montana.

KF: Were your daughters thrilled when you did the duet "Nothin' to Lose" with Miley Cyrus?

BM: They loved it. She's talked to them on the phone a few times, and obviously, they've been to her concerts. We've been friends with her family for a long time, and Miley, as I've said, I truly believe she is a talented musician and will make that very tough transition from what we'll call "tween star" or "teen star" into being a real music star, because the girl can play. ... She's not what I call a karaoke star. She's a real musician.


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