KF: I read that you're creating a positive wish list for yourself. What are three things you want to do once you are fully recovered from your brain hemorrhage?

BM: Obviously an unbelievable family vacation, and here's why. I spend so much time on the road in different cities around the world that when I come home, I'm so excited to be home. ... However, a lot of times, [my family] is here, so they're jonesing to go. Even if it's to go down to Panama City in Florida and have fun, or go to Cabo San Lucas. For me, it has to be a beach vacation, just to go to somewhere for a few weeks and do nothing and have fun. That's number one.

Number two for me is, and I've said this before, is to really hone in on the great friends and great family and spend more time with my parents. My mom travels all the time, so spending more quality time with her.

I think number three, more than anything, I'm one of those people—I don't mean to be—but I get a little too caught up in the details. I'm extremely passionate. I have to learn to let go a little bit and just let things roll. That will help me to have more free time for myself.

KF: The detail-oriented aspect of your personality has helped you get to the finals on Celebrity Apprentice. What has that experience been like for you?

BM: It's been a great experience. I got to be around, first of all, a lot of amazing people all of whom are successful in their own right. ... I tell you what my blessing was and why I think I have done so well thus far. I forgot about everything else, but what Donald Trump asked us to do. Whatever the task was, I stopped worrying about sleep, food anything and said, "This is all I've got to do is be creative and find a way to get this done." I forgot that the cameras were there and threw myself into every project they asked us to do.


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