KF: Do you think it's harder to be a rock star or the father of two daughters?

BM: Being the dad of two daughters. Here's the thing, I love it because it presents a whole new set of challenges. I've learned to negotiate. I've become a better businessperson negotiating with my kids. I've learned all my negotiating skills from two daughters. ... I take it into my [meetings] with agents and promoters and managers. The rock 'n' roll world, on one side, is absolutely great because you're living out your dream, but on the other side, there's a lot of sleaze involved.

KF: Is it true that your daughters call you "Poppa Rocka"?

BM: They do. It was very funny because they're just like, "Dad, you're like a rockin' pop." So it became "Poppa Rocka."

KF: When it comes time for your daughters to start dating, what advice will you give them about boys? What should they look out for?

BM: When people always ask me, "Man, how do you feel about your daughters when they get older, and they're dating a musician or whatever?" I said, "Look, as long as they date someone they love." I'll be able to read the guys in a heartbeat. I'll be able to read whether they're true, whether they are after my daughters for the right or wrong reason. But, the bottom line is I just want them to find someone that they're really attracted to and love. ... You get that gut feeling that says, "This isn't a good person, or this is a good person."

That's the only advice I can really give them, because God knows after Rock of Love and my dating ups and downs, I have not always picked the right person. So probably, anything I say, you should do the opposite of. Hopefully they'll take that advice.


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