The runaway favorite TV show of the season hit a high note on The Oprah Show. Get gleeked out with these performances, exclusive videos, and behind-the-scenes extras.

Don't Stop Believin' "Don't Stop Believin'"
Watch the cast perform their signature number. 

Audience questions  Burning Questions Answered
Will Sue Sylvester get to sing? Have we seen the last of Puckleberry? The Glee cast answer audience questions. 
Watch the cast answer these questions from The Oprah Show set 

Sue Sylvester Office Tour  Sue Sylvester's Office Tour
 Jane Lynch gives us a tour of the queen of mean's Cheerios headquarters.

Choir room New Directions Choir Room
Matthew Morrison, aka Mr. Schuester, shows us where the magic happens. 

Slushie Glee's Most Important Prop 
The series' propmaster demonstrates how to get the perfect Slushie texture. 

The Cast of Glee Meet the Gang
Get to know the quirky characters we've come to love.

Don't Stop Believin' Best Musical Numbers
Get in the sing-song spirit with a look back at the show-stopping performances that made our jaws hit the floor.

How Big a Gleek Are You?
Think you know everything about TV's hottest new show? Test your smarts with the Glee quiz!

13 Brilliant Sue Sylvester Quotes
The tyrannical cheerleading coach with razor-sharp wit criticizes her competition with creativity.

Go on the Road with Glee 
The Glee cast has as much fun offscreen as they do on. We've got the pictures to prove it!

Glee Why We Love McKinley High's Finest 
Musical TV series don't have a great track record, but Fox's new dramedy about a high school glee club is laughing in the face of the industry's low expectations.  

Jane Lynch Comedy Genius Jane Lynch 
Tyrannical coach of the Cheerios and nemesis to New Directions director Will Schuester, Sue Sylvester's one-liners are consistent scene-stealers. 

Jessalyn Gilsig The Woman Glee Fans Love to Hate
Mr. Schue's unbearable wife, Terri, faked a pregnancy, tried to buy a baby and fed the students speed. Jessalyn Gilsig makes a case for her alter ego.


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