Laura, Peggy's daughter

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Laura, Peggy's daughter, says that when she was engaged to be married, her mother sat her down and said, "Whatever you can do, honey, just make sure that you find a way to stay home with your children."

Instead, Laura made the difficult decision to go back to work after starting her family. "When my husband and I first started discussing children, he wanted me to stay home because his mom stayed home, and she was such a great influence for him," Laura says. "I said, 'I don't get it. My mom did it, and she did it all.'"

Peggy may feel cheated as a mother, but Laura says she always felt very loved as a child. Now, she's using the positive example Peggy set to guide her parenting decisions. "She was great at [being a working mom]," Laura says. "She showed us how she could do it so well."