Ellen started her O magazine cover campaign because she was sick of the same old New Year's Resolutions, she says. "So I decided my resolution was to get on the cover of O. At that point, no one had ever been on," she says. "I thought it was impossible, and I like challenges. So I thought, 'I'm going to keep doing this until it possibly happens.'"

The idea came to her when she saw one of her CoverGirl Simply Ageless Foundation ads on the inside cover of the magazine. "I said: 'I'm almost on the cover. I'm just right there. If you flipped it over, that would be the cover of O,'" Ellen says. "So it kind of did initiate the entire thing."

So how did she react when she saw first lady Michelle Obama sharing the cover with Oprah in April 2009? "I thought, How dare you? It was my idea!" she jokes.

Now that her resolution has become a reality, Ellen has a new challenge. "My goal is to make it the biggest-selling issue of all time," she says.


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