The 2010 NFL championship game airs Sunday, February 7, on CBS, and this year, the Indianapolis Colts are taking on the New Orleans Saints.

Dwayne will be one of millions glued to his TV. Who's he rooting for? "I'd like the Colts to win," he says. "However, there is something special about the New Orleans Saints. There's destiny there."

If you usually pay more attention to the cheese dip and commercials than the defensive line, Dwayne says there are a few things you should know about this matchup.

"The Indianapolis Colts, they have really been one of the teams of the decade. They've had tremendous success. They have a hall of fame–winning quarterback," he says. "They've been there before. They understand what it takes to win."

The New Orleans Saints have never made it to the Super Bowl before, but Dwayne says they still have a chance. "There's something special [about the Saints]. There's that intangible magic," he says. "The city of New Orleans has really rallied behind this team. It seems like America has rallied behind this team, so they could win too."


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