Paul performs on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show'

Mariah Carey joined Oprah's wildest dream team to surprise a very special boy . It all started with a letter from 12-year-old Paul, whose biggest wish was to sing on Oprah's stage. So Oprah's dream team met Paul and his parents outside their home in Hawaii with the exciting news that Paul's wildest dream was going to come true!

But he had no idea what else was in store! First, Paul made a pit stop in Los Angeles, where he met Mariah and American Idol 's Randy Jackson! After Mariah and Randy coached Paul on some of the basics, it was time for his worldwide television debut.

Paul blew the audience away with his rendition of Mariah's number one hit single "Hero." But Paul's whirlwind dream wasn't over just yet. Verity Records offered Paul a contract to record a song, and Mariah would be the producer!
Paul in the recording studio

Mariah didn't stop there, because she's a dream maker! Just when you thought Paul's dream couldn't get any wilder, Mariah personally wrote him a special song. Mariah says she and pianist Kenneth Crouch wanted to write a song that would be inspirational.

But before Paul can perform the song, he heads back into the recording studio. And Randy Jackson from American Idol is there again, too! Paul gets some singing lessons from Mariah's vocal coach, Maryann Tatum, while Kenneth puts finishing touches on the tracks.

"I wanted to showcase the breathy part of his voice which I think is so beautiful," Mariah says of Paul. "I just hope that people who hear it enjoy it and sense the pure heart that he has when he sings. I feel like that's going to shine through."

Paul still can't believe that he's living his wildest dream. "It's so cool," he says. "This is a major journey for me—a boy from a small town. I mean, this is incredible."
Paul performs

Paul wows the audience with his performance of "I Pray," written just for him by Mariah!

Oprah: What does it feel like to live inside your dream?

Paul: It's overwhelming. I mean, I can't ask for more. This is what I've always dreamed of.

Oprah: So now you know what this means? You have to dream a bigger dream. And I always say God can dream a bigger dream for you than you can ever dream for yourself. So only God knows what's going happen in your life now!
Ms. Quinney

Our next wild request came from an elementary school physical education teacher. Mona Quinney from Crockett Charter Elementary in Houston, Texas, says the thing she's always wanted to do most is to take her students to Disneyland.

"Just one day away to do something that they really, really like and would help them to forget about all the sadness that's going on in their little lives," Ms. Quinney says. Crockett Charter Elementary is an inner-city school where many parents are struggling just to make ends meet and children bear the brunt of some very harsh realities.

"Some of the pain that they feel I felt when I was a kid," says Ms. Quinney, who also grew up in a very low-income neighborhood. "They're worried about problems that grown-ups have committed and kids shouldn't have to go through that. They should enjoy being young and carefree."

That's why Ms. Quinney hopes her first-grade students will be granted a wildest dream adventure.

"The first time I ever went to Disneyland, I was an adult," she says. "And I had a wonderful time. So I can imagine how much fun it would be for kids. I thought, 'Well, God, Oprah loves kids. She loves doing things for children. So this might be a great opportunity!'"
Snow White, Disney representative and Ms. Quinney

Ms. Quinney's heartfelt wish was something we wanted to fulfill. When our Wildest Dreams Bus arrives at Crockett Charter Elementary, the first graders are celebrating an international festival week, learning to appreciate different cultures around the world.

During the celebration Principal Elida Troutman surprises everyone by introducing Snow White and the rest of the Disney family!

"We've traveled all the way from Disneyland on a magic bus just to come visit all of you," Snow White says. "And it's all because of your special teacher, Miss Mona Quinney. She wrote a very lovely letter to Oprah Winfrey. I am honored to tell you that Oprah Winfrey is sending your entire first-grade class to Disneyland!"

Oprah promises to personally take Ms. Quinney and her first graders to the happiest place on earth!

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A Toys'R'Us shopping spree

Remember Bernadette, the hardworking single mother of nine ?

In addition to her own three kids, Bernadette took custody of her six nieces and nephews because her brother and his wife were addicted to heroin. And they were all crammed into her three-bedroom apartment. "I'm happy that we're all together, but it just makes me feel sad that I can't do better to accommodate them and make them happier," Bernadette told Oprah. "I think last Christmas was the worst Christmas of my life because three of my children had to wake up with nothing."

Bernadette's wildest dream was to celebrate a beautiful Christmas with her family. And Oprah delivered! The kids went crazy on an all-you-can-grab shopping spree at Toys"R"Us!

But that wasn't it—Oprah hired her Realtor®, Ameta Cartwright, to help Bernadette choose a brand new house!

"Bernadette, for the first time in your life, you're going to be a homeowner!" Oprah said.
Bernadette's new house

Bernadette has an exciting update—with Ameta's help, she's picked out the perfect house for her family! It's a 1920s brick bungalow with lots of charm and character, and enough space for the whole family!
Nate Berkus

But that's not all for Bernadette and her family! Oprah had a big surprise in store for them—a brand new kitchen from Sears, windows from Pella, beautiful furniture from Walter E. Smithe and a home makeover from Nate Berkus!

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Paolo and the cast of 'Will & Grace'

One of Oprah's favorite wildest dreamers is Paolo, a passionate man who desperately wanted to become an actor but was torn between the family business and following his dream. He turned to the one person he knew could help make his dream come true: Oprah. And Oprah delivered—Paolo got a speaking role on Will & Grace !
Paolo and Maurice Benard of 'General Hospital'

Paolo is here to share some exciting news—he has moved to L.A. to follow his dream and landed a role on General Hospital.

But Oprah has a surprise of her own: General Hospital's Maurice Benard has a special message for Paolo!

"I know the casting director told you it was going to be a one-time appearance," Maurice tells Paolo. "Well, he didn't tell you the whole truth. … You have a recurring role!"
Mariah Carey performs

After all the surprises, dream-maker Mariah Carey performs her hit song "We Belong Together," from her CD, The Emancipation of Mimi.