Oprah Show audience

Over the past 25 years, nearly 1,000 mothers, girlfriends, sisters and wives (and a few fashion-challenged men) have been transformed on The Oprah Show. From ill-fitting bras and "mom jeans" to frizzy hair and frightening makeup, we've tackled every beauty blunder. "I used to say, if it sits still long enough, we'll find a way to make it over," Oprah says.

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Now, for our last-ever makeover extravaganza, we're pulling out all the stops. For the first time in Oprah Show history, all 332 audience members get fresh looks! "I always say we have the best-looking audience in television, but you all look particularly fantastic today," Oprah tells the audience. "So cute!"

Before the show, audience members stepped into our makeshift salon for the works—hair by stylist to the stars Frédéric Fekkai, makeup by Bobbi Brown and new outfits courtesy of Old Navy.
Michael Kors, Bobbi Brown and Orlando Pita

Our final few makeover candidates are getting the royal treatment from four dream teams of beauty experts.

Heading up the first team is Michael Kors, a man who's been called one of the most important American designers of the past two decades. Michael is also known for his colorful fashion critiques on the hit reality show Project Runway.

This team also includes Bobbi Brown, a makeup maven who built a half-billion-dollar business with the promise of giving women simple, flattering and wearable looks.

Once the eyeshadow and outfits are in place, hairstylist to the stars Orlando Pita takes over. Orlando is the "shear genius" behind the manes of some of the world's most beautiful women, including Madonna and Kate Moss.
Lisa, Connie, Angel and Laura before

Michael, Bobbi and Orlando have their hands full with four serious fashion offenders.

With more than 76 years of service between them, Detective Connie Perusich, Officer Lisa Barraco, Officer Angela Wormley and Officer Laura Yukawa are among Chicago's toughest cops. In order to serve and protect, these women sent their style to the slammer long ago. When on patrol, the only jewelry allowed are wedding bands, hair must be pulled back, nails must be kept short and bright colors are forbidden. "The way we have to dress is a crime," Angela says.

Lisa, Connie, Angela and Laura are so accustomed to their daily uniforms, they say it's hard to leave their serious police style behind. "I'm always looking like a police officer," Lisa says. "That's just the daily grind, day in and day out, and it's just hard to let that go when you're not on duty."
Lisa, Connie, Angel and Laura after

After spending a day with their beauty team, Chicago's finest say goodbye to their polyester blues!

Connie, Lisa, Angela and Laura step onto the stage dressed head to toe in Michael Kors' designs, focusing on drapey fabrics, gorgeous earth tones and plenty of sparkle. "Just easy and sexy," Michael says. To complete the looks, Michael accessorizes the women with jewelry from his brand new collection, which launches in Fall 2011.

Since these police officers spend a lot of time outdoors, Bobbi says the keys to their makeup makeovers are moisturizer and coverage that evens out skin tones. "And the secret of the universe?" Bobbi says. "Corrector concealer."

To make a big impact, Orlando says women just need to make small changes to their hair. "I always say, 'If you've got the same haircut three or four times, it's time to start changing it up a little bit,'" he says. "After all, hair is your best accessory, and you wear it every day."

Connie's look: MICHAEL KORS Silk Jersey Cowl Neck Dress, MICHAEL Michael Kors Chandler Open-Toe Pump in black. Available at MichaelKors.com.

Lisa's look: MICHAEL Michael Kors Deep-Pocket Sequin Pants in navy, MICHAEL KORS Charmeuse Tank in indigo/navy, MICHAEL Michael Kors Sutton Clutch in pale gold, MICHAEL Michael Kors Alexa High Sandal in pale gold. Available at MichaelKors.com.

Angela's look: MICHAEL KORS One-Shoulder Jersey Dram Dress in grass, MICHAEL KORS Kass Clutch, MICHAEL Michael Kors Alexa High Sandal in pale gold. Available at MichaelKors.com.

Laura's look: MICHAEL Michael Kors Border Sequin Dress in black, MICHAEL Michael Kors Tonne Sandal in black. Available at MichaelKors.com.

Kelly Hurliman, Andre Walker and Ross Burton

The next makeover team is stacked with Oprah's very own style squad: her hairstylist Andre Walker, stylist Kelly Hurliman and makeup artist Ross Burton.

"Some mornings, I come in and my face is in Iowa and my body is in Cleveland, and they pull it together every day," Oprah says.
Chantelle before

Oprah's style squad plans a surprise for Chantelle, an Oprah Show Ultimate Viewer who came to the United States from Trinidad when she was just 17, hoping for a better life. Chantelle started working in the kitchen of her local hospital and put herself through nursing school. Now, she's an oncology nurse in New Jersey.

In 2010, Chantelle visited Chicago and stopped by THE OPRAH STORE, where she bought a pair of Oprah's donated wedges. Although Chantelle says she's inspired by these sandals, her ultimate fantasy is to tour Oprah's closet and own a pair of Oprah's red-soled Christian Louboutin stilettos. And her dream is about to come true!

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Chantelle after

Since Chantelle wears scrubs and sneakers every day to work, Andre, Kelly and Ross turn up the glam factor with this Grecian goddess look.

Kelly dresses this mom-to-be in a gorgeous Lanvin dress, which she originally purchased for Oprah. "I actually had just gotten this dress for [Oprah] for summer," Kelly says. "I just thought it was a really fun and glam way of celebrating [Chantelle's] mommy-hood."

To complement her skin tone, Andre lightens Chantelle's haircolor and adds extensions. "We wanted to give her somewhat of a fantasy look with her Grecian-style dress, so that's why we gave her lots of waves and a little braid across the front," Andre says. "[It's] a very evening look."

Find out more about Andre's haircare line—one of Oprah's Favorite Things!

During the final step, Ross gives Chantelle glowing skin, accentuates her smile and defines her eyes and lashes. "I wanted to pay tribute to her and give her a beautiful [lip] color," Ross says.

Chantelle thinks her patients are going to love her new style. "[They'll say,] 'That's one hot nurse!'" she says.

Chantelle's look: Dress by Lanvin, shoes by Christian Louboutin
Diane von Furstenberg, Ken Paves and Collier Strong

The third makeover dream team is led by award-winning designer Diane von Furstenberg, creator of the iconic wrap dress that helped build a fashion empire.

Ken Paves, one of the most sought-after stylists in the world, is also lending his expertise. His star-studded client list reads like the Hollywood phone book, and he's been an Oprah Show favorite for years.

Renowned beauty expert Collier Strong, a Project Runway regular and the consulting makeup artist for L'Oréal Paris, rounds out this dream team.
Kara before

Diane, Ken and Collier have one hair-raising challenge. Hope says her best friend, Kara, has the wildest, craziest, curliest hair you've ever seen. "It looks like a perm, but it's real," Hope says. "When she's teaching, students will throw stuff in it. It might be several days before she finds things hidden in her hair."

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Kara's hair isn't the only thing that needs help—Hope says her friend's closet is stuffed with tacky sweaters, faded denim shirts and "mom jeans."

Oprah's experts are ready for the challenge, but Hope is surprised to learn that Kara isn't the only one getting a new look. Hope is also heading to the salon!
Kara and Hope after

Kara and Hope are styled head to toe in Diane's line, DVF. "I was excited to do this, but I think it's important that when you do a makeover, you create something that won't just be for a moment," Diane says. "Don't they look divine?"

After some serious salon time, Ken tames Kara's frizz into sophisticated, sleek curls. What is Ken's secret? "I took her mousse away. She was using way too much, too [many] products. ... Less is more," Ken says. "It's important that you embrace your beauty and don't deny it."

Since Kara is a teacher and mom on the go, Collier makes sure she gets the one product that can improve a woman's look in seconds—lipstick! "That's the most transformative product not only for the face, but for the woman," Collier says. "If you're feeling down, wear the most bold color you have."

Kara's look: Jori Dress, Athena Cape, Zia Shoes, Harper Bag and Cambell Scarf, all by Diane von Furstenberg. Available at DVF.com.

Hope's look: Issie Top in brick red, Georginne Pant, Margee Coat in toast, Theia Sandal, Harper Bag and Cambell Scarf, all by Diane von Furstenberg. Available at DVF.com.
Tory Burch, Sally Hershberger and Berta Camal

Fashion designer Tory Burch is the leader of our final style team. Tory launched her line in 2004, and since then, her signature tunics and flats have become must-haves for fashionistas.

Hairstylist Sally Hershberger is the architect of the modern shag. She's so sought-after, her A-list clients pay up to $800 to get their tresses trimmed by Sally's golden scissors.

Berta Camal, the only makeup artist Tory trusts for her runway shows, completes this talented trio.
Kate before

Tory, Sally and Berta are making over a woman who takes the term "natural beauty" a little too literally. Kate is an outdoorsy former river guide who loves sleeping under the stars.

A wardrobe full of wool hats, ripped jeans and worn sneakers worked when Kate and her husband lived in a remote cabin in Utah, but now, this mom of three is living in the city.

"I've made some great friends, and they're super style-y," Kate says. "I definitely want to take the mountain and river girl [look] and make it more sophisticated."
Kate after

Kate's makeover team transforms her "mountain mom" look with simple makeup, long layers and Tory's preppy-with-a-twist pieces.

"I wanted her beauty to really be seen," Tory says. "It was about just picking special pieces that she could make into different outfits. She's a mother of three. She's now starting a business, so we wanted her to be able to have the opportunity to have many looks out of one."

Sally says her goal was to give Kate an easy, natural look. "I just put layers through the interior," she says. "I wanted to keep her hair long so she can wear it natural."

There are three things Berta used to create Kate's new look that she says every woman should have in her makeup bag: a tinted moisturizer with SPF, bronzer to add color to eyelids and cheeks and a great lip gloss.

Kate's look: Jaquetta Top, Modern Straight Leg Jean, Reversible Logo Belt, Gwedolyn Tote and Tevray Wedge, all by Tory Burch. Available at ToryBurch.com.
Eric before

When we first met Eric in 2007, he looked a bit like a caveman—but boy, did he clean up well. Three years later, Oprah's producers caught up with Eric and discovered that the prehistoric look is back. Eric says his clean-cut look left him feeling like a banker, so he fell back into his comfort zone.

Since it's our last chance to make over Eric, Oprah's team enlisted the help of Hollywood's go-to groomer, Diana Schmidtke. Can she find the real Eric behind all that facial hair?
Eric after

Before picking up her razor, Diana says she asks her male clients about their personalities—and Eric is no exception. "Eric wakes up and just wants to go," she says. "He doesn't want to fit one particular personality but be more the fun, cool guy." Now, Eric's looks falls somewhere between banker and bearded caveman.

Will Eric keep his new look this time around? "I think so," Eric says. "Absolutely!"

Eric's look: Joe's Jeans "Bixton" Straight and Narrow Jeans, available at Bloomingdale's; Theory "Reynold Style" Shirt in rich navy shirt, available at Bloomingdale's; Dark Brown Goat Suede Jacket by John Vartos Star USA, available at Barneys New York.

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