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Since Chantelle wears scrubs and sneakers every day to work, Andre, Kelly and Ross turn up the glam factor with this Grecian goddess look.

Kelly dresses this mom-to-be in a gorgeous Lanvin dress, which she originally purchased for Oprah. "I actually had just gotten this dress for [Oprah] for summer," Kelly says. "I just thought it was a really fun and glam way of celebrating [Chantelle's] mommy-hood."

To complement her skin tone, Andre lightens Chantelle's haircolor and adds extensions. "We wanted to give her somewhat of a fantasy look with her Grecian-style dress, so that's why we gave her lots of waves and a little braid across the front," Andre says. "[It's] a very evening look."

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During the final step, Ross gives Chantelle glowing skin, accentuates her smile and defines her eyes and lashes. "I wanted to pay tribute to her and give her a beautiful [lip] color," Ross says.

Chantelle thinks her patients are going to love her new style. "[They'll say,] 'That's one hot nurse!'" she says.

Chantelle's look: Dress by Lanvin, shoes by Christian Louboutin