For 15 years, Melissa told only her husband and her best friend about her father. She says the "Get Real Retreat" helped her open up about the truth and stop feeling shame. "I went on the retreat to find out if I should have a relationship with my father. I know that sounds absurd now, but I was receiving letters and I felt so guilty as a daughter," she says.

Dr. Phil says the most important thing was for Melissa to stop blaming herself. "We had to clear something day one, minute one," he says. "You didn't do anything wrong. You didn't kill anybody. You didn't hurt anybody. You didn't hide anything. You have no complicity in this whatsoever."

Melissa says the truth clicked for her during the retreat. "He was my father and didn't have a conscience; he didn't show remorse for the victims," she says. "I took it upon myself to feel that burden, that guilt, for him, and I didn't realize I did that."


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