Dr. Oz's next revelation could turn frowns everywhere upside down. "Forty-three percent of women say they don't brush their teeth before they go to bed at night," he says.

Dr. Oz says this statistic is concerning because nighttime is prime breeding time for bacteria. "Because your mouth dries out, they start to invade into the teeth," he says. "I'm not worried about cavities. I'm worried about gingivitis, which is the number one cause of tooth loss."

Gingivitis can lead to more serious health problems. "It also, unfortunately, is a major driver of heart attacks, of strokes, because your body is creating a civil war in your mouth because you didn't go inside with the scrubbing police and clean it out," he says. "If you floss your teeth and it bleeds three times in a row, you probably have gingivitis."

Dr. Oz says you should brush your teeth for two minutes both in the morning and at night. "Make a game out of it. Put your favorite tune on. Dance around," he says. "Make it happen."


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