For their third assignment, Dr. Berman sent Doug and Linda to the Pump It Up Kids Zone. "The idea is to kind of bring you here to a place where we can let your silly side out a little bit," Dr. Berman says.

"It was kind of neat to have a giggle," Doug says.

After hitting up a sex shop for assignment number four, Linda and Doug were faced with the final exam: to have sex. "It took a little longer than we thought just because after those three intense days, we got into a pretty heated argument that evening," Doug says. "I think some of the stress and stuff were hitting us, and we really had to reflect upon what Dr. Berman had told us about communication, how to talk. And, I think we got back to a good point when we went to bed, but we still hadn't had sex yet." 

The next morning, Doug says he and Linda started cuddling and connecting. "Linda kind of jokingly said, 'We really need to do our homework,' and it was really inviting and connected, and so we did our homework, and it was great fun. It reminded me how that used to be with her, more than five, 10 years ago. It was fantastic."


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