Linda and Doug's first homework assignment from Dr. Berman was simply to touch each other. "They had to get naked. They had to spend like 10 to 15 minutes, each of them on the other. No genital touching. No breast touching. Not about arousal. Just about sensuality and touch," Dr. Berman says.

Doug says the assignment worked well. "It was great because of the connection, but then our conversation at the same time, you know? It wasn't about anything outside the bedroom. It was just us talking," he says.

The couple's second assignment was a field trip to Tantric yoga. 

Watch Linda and Doug at Tantric yoga.

The Yogic version of having sex, the tantric yoga exercise was supposed to help Linda and Dough reconnect with themselves and each other. "It was really interesting to have that connection. You kind of feel parts of your body creak that haven't creaked in a while, and you have a sense of energy in your body too."


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