Linda and Doug say the sex stopped completely after they conceived their third child and that they are no longer physically attracted to one another. "I want to feel that he's attracted to me, that he's excited to be with me," Linda says. "I questioned whether I was still attracted to Doug." 

Doug says he's stopped seeing his wife in a sexual manner. "It's like she's so worn down she's just trying to get through the day," he says. "If this doesn't get fixed, I think our marriage is at stake." 

Once Linda and Doug became solely focused on raising children, they say the deep discussions they once had stopped. "Those conversations were where our best connections came from, and we really started getting separated from each other. You almost kind of lose track of how you did it," Doug says. "Before it was so natural, so easy. We really wanted the connection."

Even after two and a half sexless years, Linda says they hardly talked about the issue. "When it was spoken of, it wasn't productive at all," she says.


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