Shayna hasn't always hated kissing, she says. "I remember that person that I used to be, that couple we used to be, and I really didn't understand what had happened over the years," she says. "I was angry with myself because I didn't understand why I couldn't do it anymore. It was just physically impossible for me." 

At first Shayna claimed that it was just the wetness she didn't like, but after Dr. Berman took Shayna's sexual history, some deeper issues emerged. "I grew up with just my mom and my sister, so there was no man in the house at all," she says. "I was 14 at the time I remember her meeting her husband now, and it was very difficult because I just remember them going on dates or her even just laughing with someone else, and I felt betrayed. ... I felt like it was disgusting. I didn't want to think about it. I was angry." 

All these years later, Shayna says she doesn't know how to integrate both being a mother and a sexual being. "I feel like I would destroy their worlds. Like they would think that's disgusting or gross," she says. "I don't want to be responsible for them ever feeling mad."


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