Twenty years ago, Robin Givens and her then-husband Mike Tyson sat down for a haunting interview with Barbara Walters. In the interview, Robin said Mike shook, pushed and took swings at her. No charges were ever filed against him.

Today, Robin is a spokesperson for the National Domestic Violence Hotline and says that men need to stand up and join the fight against abuse. "It's going to take men to come on board to help solve this issue that we have in the community," she says. "Hitting a woman is unacceptable."

It's only when men and woman take a good look at themselves that healing can begin, Robin says. "[Abuse] happens all the time. It doesn't matter what color you are, your socioeconomic background. It doesn't matter what religion you are," she says. "I am the third generation of abuse. So we have to deal with our own hurt, our own pain, and get as healed and whole as we can before we can have healthy relationships with other people."

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