Michael says eating meat has become a hot-button issue in our country because many people are big meat eaters. "To say that you shouldn't eat meat is a moral challenge, it's an ethical challenge and it's a challenge to your tradition," he says.

Michael says there are many good reasons to reduce your consumption of meat, but to eliminate it from your diet or not is a personal choice. For himself, Michael's chosen to eat meat a couple times a week—a decision he says he's very happy with. "[I thought about if I should eat meat or not] and I came out thinking I could eat meat in this very limited way from farmers who were growing it in a way that I could feel good about how the animals lived," Michael says. "And luckily, we have a great many farmers like this now. We have a renaissance of small animal farming, and we're not feeding them grain and taking the grain away from people who need that food."

While he doesn't think there's anything wrong with eating meat, he does believe we have to start thinking about the way it's being made and how it's affecting the environment, the animals and the workers in the factories. "There are great farmers in this country who are doing really good work, and they need to be supported," says Michael. "We need to reform the meat system—not eliminate it."


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