According to the United States Bureau of Labor, fishermen have the most dangerous job in America. They die from work-related injuries at a higher rate than anyone else. While Mike was working in Dutch Harbor, he witnessed these horrifying statistics firsthand. "I spent six weeks up there. Everybody I knew got hurt," Mike says. "One out of 6 guys got seriously jacked up, and I went to six funerals."

The risk is so high for these fishermen because many elements of the job are out of their control. "Insurance adjusters and accountants can't control the Bering Sea. You can't control the weather," Mike says. "We try really hard in the lower 48 [states] to make dangerous things less dangerous. We fool ourselves sometimes, I think, into believing that we can actually do that."

Oprah believes the reason Deadliest Catch is so popular is because it's so real, and Mike agrees. "It's terribly real," he says.

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