Denise, an ultimate Oprah Show viewer and middle school custodian, is one of the workers Mike celebrates through his work. This Alabama mother may have a "dirty job," but she says there's nothing on earth she'd rather be doing. "I love it. I really do," she says. "I look at the school as my house, so I want to keep the school clean like I clean my house."

To the students of Westlawn Middle School, Denise is much more than a custodian—she's a counselor and a friend. "Sometimes they come to me with problems," she says. "Sometimes they're just sad, just having a rough day and can't get past it."

Denise gives more than support to students in need. Using her modest salary, Denise shops for school supplies and gifts to reward children for their good behavior. "Most of the stuff that I get them is stuff they can use in the classroom," she says.

When Denise isn't working, she helps members of the community by cleaning homes for the elderly and paying people's bills when they can't. "I might not have finished college, but I love my life," Denise says. "I love my babies. I love my job."


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