Diane Schuler and family
Erin Schuler is the two-year-old daughter of Diane and Daniel Schuler. She was a little tomboy who loved to go fishing with her dad, who she idolized. Erin loved the color green, even though she couldn't pronounce the word! She had just started to make complete sentences and looked forward to getting new dress shoes. She looked up to her big brother, Bryan, and hung on his every word.

A statement from Daniel Schuler:
I know that my wife, Diane Schuler, was not under the influence of alcohol or pot at the time of her accident.

I am so convinced of this, I have hired the CMP Protective and Investigative Group, Inc. to conduct a full investigation to determine what happened on July 26, 2009.

I knew Diane for 13 years and was married to her for eight years. We had two children, Bryan and Erin. In all the years I spent with Diane, I never saw her drunk! She was the best mother and wife that anyone could have ever hoped for.

I know in my heart that my investigation will reveal the true cause of this automobile accident that took Diane, Erin, my nieces (Emma, Alison and Kate Hance), from me and Michael Bastardi, Guy Bastardi and Daniel Longo from their families.
Michael Bastardi, Guy Bastardi and Daniel Longo
"Wonderful" was the word used to describe Guy Bastardi and his father, Michael. Loves ones say that if you were a friend to them, you were family. If you were family, then you were a friend.

Michael loved his family. He had 10 grandchildren and two great grandchildren, and nothing brought him more joy than spending time with them. He also loved working on cars. If anyone had a problem in their house, then he wanted to be the one to fix it.

Guy was the type of person you could always call and he'd be there for you. He, too, was a big family man who loved to cook and travel.

Also riding in the car with the Bastardis was Daniel Longo—remembered as a good friend, brother and uncle. All who knew him say he was a gentle person who didn't have a mean bone in his body. His brother says that he retired four years ago from a job he held for more than 25 years, and he was just starting to enjoy life.

A statement from Margaret Nicotina, sister of Guy and daughter of Michael:
People who make a choice to drink and get high and then drive a car should understand all the lives their choices touch. My dad and brother were a huge part of not only my life but their grandchildren, nieces and nephews. There are 10 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren whose lives are forever changed. They were robbed of their grandfather's love and wisdom and their uncle's love and humor. Families who are aware that someone in their family has a problem should do whatever they have to, to stop the murders that drunken drivers commit.

A statement from Roseann M. Guzzo, sister of Guy and daughter of Michael: Not a day passes since July 26, 2009, that I don't cry about the senseless, preventable murder of my father, brother and friend. Diane Schuler has robbed my family of priceless time we could have shared together. She was drunk and high and used her car as a weapon. My family prays for the murky events of that day to be cleared. I hope that the same laws that were extended for gangs will someday be applied to people who witness drunk or high people getting behind the wheel of a car, especially when children are involved. Recent tragedies involving drunken drivers have made that more relevant to cases like this.


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