She's certainly a natural behind an anchor desk, but Diane hasn't always been delivering the hard news. She started out in 1967 as a weather girl at WLKY in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. "I was terrible," she says. "I didn't wear contact lenses then, and I couldn't actually see the West Coast. I was giving my impression of the West Coast most of the time."

More than 40 years later, Diane's done thousands of interviews but says the ones she likes most have been with young children with big dreams. "My favorites are when I get to go to Appalachia and talk to the kids up there. The remarkable kids who in the midst of horizons about this big are dreaming of a future as wide as everybody else," she says.

Diane's also struck by the interviews that leave her wondering, "What just happened?" she says. "Like Saddam Hussein," she says. "I was asking him if he had killed people and I was asking why he had those big portraits of himself up there. Wasn't it kind of embarrassing at the very least?"


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