After 11 years on Good Morning America, journalist Diane Sawyer has traded in her early mornings for a seat behind the anchor desk at ABC's World News. Now that Diane's the woman behind the evening news, Oprah says she's rearranged her whole schedule in order to watch. "I think she's the classiest woman on TV," Oprah says.

Diane says she's loving her new gig. "It mainly is a joy to come into work every day with these incredibly smart people," she says. "The evening news is still such a powerful place in America for muscling up to get something done, and that's what I love. Where you wake up every morning and we say, 'Don't tell us we can't get answers.' Yes, we will. We're going to get answers."

If there's one thing Diane does not miss about working at Good Morning America, it's the early mornings. "I got up at 3:45 to 4," she says. "Sometimes I talked myself out of it. In my sleep I had a whole series of dreams designed to talk me out of why I didn't have to get up early and how this was going to be an easier day."

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