During the broadcast of this show, viewers called in during breaks to question Diane's calm attitude while talking about such emotional subjects. "I have a personality that was developed over 27, 28 years, and you can't just shake that off," Diane says. "Yes, there are some very horrible things that happened in my life. Because of that, I closed up. I became less bubbly, less outgoing, less friendly, all those things. And I was therefore dubbed by the media as 'The Lady of Steel' because I seemed to have no emotion whatsoever."

Ann says she believes Diane suffers from three personality disorders. "Basically, she's anti-social, meaning no conscience, no remorse—so you can do what you want, and you never worry about it afterward," Ann says. "Secondly, she's histrionic, which I think she's demonstrated this morning, meaning she loves to be onstage. And third, the narcissistic personality disorder means the narcissist feels entitled to whatever he or she wants, and it doesn't matter who gets hurt."

But, Diane says, she does have strong emotions when it comes to her children. "It's very painful," she says. "It's painful knowing that my children are living in an environment and in a world of confusion and pain and not knowing what is going on." 

Diane's daughter speaks out for the first time


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