Joining the conversation is former policewoman and best-selling crime writer Ann Rule. She wrote Small Sacrifices, a book that tells the story of Diane's life. Diane, however, disagrees with many of the things that are written in the book.

One point of contention is Ann's claim that Diane became pregnant before her trial because she is fulfilled by pregnancy. "That is what I believe," Ann says. "Diane obviously disagrees with me."

Watch Diane talk about her pregnancy. Watch

Diane says the reason she got pregnant was because it was a bad time in her life. "I was extremely lonely," Diane says. "I missed my kids desperately. I had just seen Christie on the 2nd of October, and it's like opening a wound and pouring salt in. I was extremely lonely beyond belief and beyond explanation. On October 13, I just went and got pregnant because I was so lonely."


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