Chudney Ross

Birth Date: November 4, 1975

Chudney is Diana's youngest daughter and has grown up in front of the cameras. In addition to appearing on multiple TV outlets such as Inside Edition and in ad campaigns for products such as Keds, Chudney has also dabbled in modeling.

Though drawn to the showbiz industry, Chudney also has a passion for working with children. After graduating from Georgetown University, she became a teacher in inner-city Washington, D.C., with AmeriCorp's Teach for America. Over the years, she's worked as a preschool teacher, elementary school teacher, children's ski instructor, mentor and more.

Recently, Chudney completed a new children's book series called Bean's Books (planned for publication in the summer of 2012) and launched her first business called Books and Cookies, a children's bookstore, bakery and enrichment center scheduled to open this year in Santa Monica, California.


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