Dr. Oz says the symptoms for both types of diabetes are straightforward:

Constant thirst and frequent urination: These are the first things doctors will ask you about. "You have [constant thirst] because you're urinating all the time," he says. "The sugar gets into your urine, and it actually drags it through your kidneys. It fools your kidneys."

Non-healing infections: "The white blood cells that protect the immune system can't get there," he says. "And by the way, your white cells don't function normally. Your whole immune system's depressed because you're waging a constant civil war against your body, which has the sugar scraping away on the inside."

Tingling toes: "Nerves have a cable around them," Dr. Oz says. "That cable gets broken with diabetes, so you end up with short circuits of your nerve system."

Blurred vision: "You're having little bleeds in the back of your eye," he says.


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