Diabetes, particularly type 2, is the fastest-growing disease in history because of one thing—sugar. Dr. Oz says the average person eats 150 pounds of sugar a year. "That's 40 pounds of extra sugar that we're eating every single year as opposed to just a generation ago," he says. "It is impossible for our body to keep up with that. There is no way we can adapt this quickly."

Sugar often becomes an addiction, Dr. Oz says. "When you go to a store to buy food, when you go to a supermarket, to a restaurant, and you get a little bit of sugar, it stimulates the same part of your brain as crack cocaine," he says. "It just turns you on."

Even if you try to control your intake, Dr. Oz says sugar is often hidden in products you wouldn't expect. "It's hidden in our condiments," he says. "It's hidden in our salad dressing."

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