Kim and Matt were 9 years old and 3 years old, respectively, the night their parents were shot to death by their uncle Eric. Kim says she wasn't aware of her aunt's struggles with Eric until she and her kids moved in. "There was always kind of a tension there, but not until about two weeks before all this happened did I even realize that something was wrong," she says. "It was never like that before. We were always at their house playing."

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Matt says he was too young to remember much from that night, but Kim says she remembers every detail. "I remember waking up, and Eric was actually outside my bedroom door and standing over Debbie's body saying: 'Debbie, please don't die. Please don't die.'"

Kim says she waited for Eric to leave and then set out to find her little brother. "I went through the house looking for him," she says. "On the way to my parents' bedroom, I had to step over Debbie's body and then into my parents' room. My dad was on the floor, and there was Matt in our parents' bed hiding under the covers, so I got my brother and we went back to our room."

Kim says she found Eric's 7-year-old son on the way to her room. The three children huddled on a top bunk until police found them. "They covered my brother's eyes and my cousin Seth's eyes and they told me to cover my eyes," she says. "Thankfully, I did, because it turns out on my front porch was where my mom was at, and I'm really glad that I don't have to live with that picture in my head."


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