David says this is the first time in 30 years that he's been completely sober. "The best thing for me in sobriety is being authentic," he says. "Starting to see things as they are and being able to then distance myself and try to go deeper within who I am."

The hardest part about his separation from Courteney, David says, is that he misses his family. "It gets lonely here," he says. "I get Coco a few days a week, and it always lights the place up."

David says he still has a dream for his family. "To stay sober," he says. "To just be loving and kind to them. To not have to go to the suffering place when it's not necessary. Whenever difficulty comes our way, that we deal with it in the most honorable, connected, supportive way. To raise our daughter with the right support and freedom, that she gets a real understanding of what's right and wrong."

Right now, David says he and Courteney are working on themselves. "I love Courteney," he says. "We're really great parents together, and we're really supportive and we don't argue over that.

David says he doesn't know what the future holds for their Hollywood love story. "But I'd love for it to work out," he says.


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