David says the first sign of major trouble in his marriage surfaced last year when he and Courteney were celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary. "It was on the 12th of June, and she said, 'I don't want to be your mother anymore,'" David says. "I didn't understand it at the time."

Shortly after, David says Courteney began talking about separation. "On the inside of our rings it says, 'A deal's a deal,'" he says. "I felt really abandoned at that point, like she'd broken the deal."

At the time, David says he also thought Courteney might be having an affair with someone on the cast of her sitcom, Cougar Town. "There were tabloid stories coming out about her and someone on her show having an affair, which is not true at all," he says.

David says he didn't take responsibility for his unraveling relationship. "I wasn't connected to what was really going on at all. I was making really poor decisions," he says. "I didn't deal with it in a mature or honorable way at all."


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