David's parents have passed away, but before they died, he says they mended their relationship with their children. "The beautiful story about that sad background is that my parents healed themselves throughout their life," he says. "My father got sober. My mother became a marriage family counselor."

During the final days of his mother's life, David says he was devastated and deeply depressed. To numb the pain, he began abusing drugs. "I got really into drugs before I got serious with Courteney," he says. "It was something that scared her early on in our relationship. My mother was dying, and it was the first time that I really used that to numb the feelings I was having and not face any of the reality I was going through."

Courteney stood by David's side, later saying that couples' counseling got them through this difficult time. A few years later, the couple got engaged and married, exchanging wedding rings inscribed with the phrase, "A deal is a deal." Five years later, after a long struggle to conceive, Courteney gave birth to their daughter Coco.


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