Now, David says he's ready to tell his side of the story. "I had to come public with what was going on," he says.

Before the show began, Oprah says she asked David what he hoped to accomplish by the end of the hour. "You said you want people to know that you can come back and that there is hope," she says. "After 30 years of being in search of yourself, you feel that there is more hope now than ever before."

First, David wants to clear up a few tabloid rumors. Photographers captured him leaving a wild party at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles on New Years Eve, but contrary to reports, David says he didn't drink any alcohol that night. "I had a commitment to do it," he says. "I went with a sober companion, this great guy named Harry. He took me, and he's there just checking on me the whole time. It's something I had to face. Although I'm sober, I still want to enjoy my life. I want to find the joy in it, and I want to express myself."

David says he's just begun the recovery process and is still learning how to be true to himself. "I have a critic in my mind that's very mean and vicious and sometimes it leads me down the wrong path,” he says. “Being able to identify that voice in my head and start being more true to myself helps me to go in the right direction."


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