Courteney Cox and David Arquette were one of the most famous couples in Hollywood—she's the smart, stunning sitcom star, and he's the fun-loving, offbeat actor with an eccentric family. Courteney and David first met in 1996 on the set of the campy horror movie Scream, and their onscreen flirtation turned into a real-life romance. When they tied the knot in 1999, it was a classic case of opposites attract. David once said he was the "live wire," and Courteney was his "grounding force."

The unlikely couple seemed rock solid until a tabloid scandal triggered what many thought was David's public breakdown. Tabloids reported Courteney and David had separated and a series of uncomfortable radio interviews between David and disc jockey Howard Stern set the gossip mills on fire. During these interviews, David discussed accusations of infidelity and alcohol and drug abuse. He also disclosed intimate details of his and Courteney's sex life.

David admits that his partying was out of control at that time, and his behavior had become erratic. After his friends and family begged him to get help and staged an intervention, David checked himself into rehab for alcohol addiction. He completed a 28-day program, and today, he's here for his first television interview since his release.


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