Laura says she groomed low-income, drug-addicted moms by offering them drugs and alcohol. Now, she warns other parents of making the same mistakes.

"Don't just let any Joe Blow babysit your kids. If your kids are uncomfortable around that person or they don't want to leave with that person, don't make them go," she says. "I think that there are actually more women out there just like me. I just think they haven't been caught."

Who are the most vulnerable victims? Laura says it's the children who aren't getting the love and attention they need at home.

"Back when I was offending, if I saw a parent who seemed negligent or they didn't want to be bothered with their kid or they didn't want to go to the park or they didn't want to play with them or they were messy and dirty or they needed a bath, those were the kind of people that I targeted," she says.

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