Out of the nearly 300 residents on McNeil Island, only one is a woman. Until now, Laura has never spoken to a reporter about her crimes against children.

In 1989, Laura was sent to prison for the first-degree rape of a child. In the past, she took responsibility for 15 offenses, but she says she's guilty of many more. "I would say, as I said in all of my testings and stuff, that I've done, I would say, 100 or more," she says.

Before she was arrested, Laura was a caretaker for babies and toddlers. She admits she sexually abused her young victims while babysitting. "It's not like every time I see a kid, I get aroused and know I want to hurt them," she says. "It's being in the line of their care, like having to bathe them or change them. ... I did bad things, really bad things."

Once, Laura says she almost killed one of her victims by suffocating her with a pillow. "I had a friend there, so that got interrupted, which I was very glad for after the fact," she says.

If she hadn't been caught, Laura says she doesn't think anything would have stopped her."I didn't need to groom my victims because they were so young," she says. "But I did have to groom their parents."


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